Today more than ever, business executives are seeking new ways to drive efficiency and cost-savings within the enterprise. From logistics and employee productivity to customer service, the convergence of communications and business processes are enabling new levels of business performance, customer satisfaction, and company profitability.

For businesses that need to interact with consumers, Jaduka is a Web Services company that provides on-demand customer communications.

Unlike premise-based solutions that require large capital expenditures and long integration times, we offer reliable, 'pay-as-you-go' billing options with frictionless integration experiences.

The technologies and services fueling the convergence of communications and business applications, processes and workflows are driving an entirely new marketplace – and the leader in on-demand customer communications services is Jaduka.

Jaduka On-Demand Customer Communications Services, delivered over the Web, target business process transformation by enabling processes to more effectively "speak" with employees, partners and customers. By blending voice into critical workflows, Jaduka's time-sensitive notifications, event-triggered alerts, conferencing functionality and Web-initiated call support help companies increase sales, decrease response times and reduce operating costs.

Our solutions -- powered by Jaduka's Web Services API -- not only generate ROI, they also eliminate risk through zero capital expenditures, frictionless integration and pay-as-you-go billing options. Robust and rock-solid, Jaduka's API is accessed 1 million times daily on a platform supporting over 1 billion accounts and 20 million daily transactions.